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As an avid downhill skateboarder and admin on the Facebook group Minnesota Longboarding, I find myself scrolling through pages of comments and questions left by users. Topics include everything from how to make hills more neighbor-friendly, to new truck or deck designs. With the growing availability of technology such as graphing software, it seems that people want to increasingly vocalize and visualize their ideas.

I’ve noticed that people from all different disciplines of skating want to be heard and for good reasons. Most of these opinions come from very useful experiences with fellow skaters. Unfortunately, most of this advice goes unnoticed. As a result much time is lost from shooting great ideas into the dark.

So naturally when Chris, Devani and Thomas approached me with their idea to create a collaborative community of skaters and artists alike, I was stoked. Its very nature appreciates ideas of all shapes and helps them grow into useful forms.

We’re all part of a worldwide network of producers, collaborators, and paradigm shifters with the shared passion to build ideas and bring them to reality.

Do you have any thoughts for a new race wheel, deck material, film or conversation? Tell us about it. The community will help you build your idea, connect you with resources or help promote your crowd funding efforts. Constructive feedback and collaborative idea building is at the heart of what we do at Rolling Tree. The community will guide the movement.

With the world watching and collaborating, what will we create?

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  1. Well this may seem alittle out landish but if you ever melt polystyrene with gas or acetone, it turns into a liquid and when it hardens its super slick or gripy if you dont sqeeze the acetone out. I dont know if it would be good but definitely something to check out.

  2. I have no idea I guess I would have to look into the gasses released when melting styrofoam and the process used to make acetone .

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