Rolling Tree Skateboards is stoked to announce the launch of The Carbon GS, our newest community designed skateboard! Created by our global collective of skaterboarders, the Carbon GS is the culmination of our desires to develop a new take on Giant Slalom decks or “Maryhill Killers”. After months of design modifications from input from our riders, the Carbon GS is really one of a kind. Get stoked!

Rolling Tree Skateboards Carbon Fiber Giant Slalom Deck 33

The Rolling Tree Carbon GS features an asymmetrical 35” shape with radial concave. The composite construction  carbon fiber topsheet and fiberglass graphic layer are overlaid onto a 7 ply Maple core, creating a stiff and lightweight GS.

Rolling Tree Skateboards Carbon Fiber Giant Slalom Deck 66

The mellow spoon concave and wider front foot pocket give you plenty of room up front, while the tapered midsection and kicktail form a wonderful rear pocket.

Rolling Tree Skateboards Carbon Fiber Giant Slalom Deck 5

The Carbon GS’s 17-22” wheelbases allow riders to dial in a versatile setup. Throw some split degree trucks on the 22″ wheelbase and be amazed to find that maybe all those hairpins didn’t need a predrift , or get techy on the 17″ WB and slash some sidewalks. The 9.8” width tapers towards the kick with a defined little notch making it easier to find your edge and really lock your feet in.

Photo by Simon Lee

Photo by Simon Lee

The comfortable radial concave also features a spooned out foot pocket to promote leverage and stability for railing or drifting corners. The rear kick maintains concave around the perimeter creating a stiff platform for mounting the rear truck.

Rolling Tree Skateboards Carbon Fiber Giant Slalom Deck 55

Original graphics drawn by Alvaro Wain of Madrid, Spain compliment the classic shape created by Keenan Thompson in Minneapolis, MN.

The Carbon GS is $179.99 and Rolling Tree Skateboard’s fourth offering to the downhill skateboarding community.  Support a rider-fueled company.


What will we create next?



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