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The Finalists

After much talk and deliberation over almost too many boards to count, favorites were picked, details were critiqued, and through the voices and votes cast, we chose some projects winners.

The Descendent

We decision to pick this speedboard was made with control in mind. With natural pockets arising on top of the trucks to lock your feet in, this board seemed to catch the eyes of many and for good reason. Its 38″ long, with a width of 9.75″ that tapers down to 9.5″ in the middle. With 5/8″ concave and 0.6″ of rocker, this board keeps your feet locked no matter what you through at it. With a cozy wheelbase of 25″, this puppy feels real nice railing corners with ease.

Grab Cad 3D Model

The Nimbus

The shredeverything board we chose is one that you can comfortably rest your feet in the middle of when hauling down your neighborhood runs, but pocket your feet in while busting out 360 slides to 360 shuv-its out. This is a board that can really do it all.

36″ long
9.5″ wide at widest
16″-18″ Wheelbase
5.5″ kicks (15*)
1/8″ microdropped pockets at the kicktails
1/16″ of camber between the pockets
5/9″ tub cave
symmetrical mold, directional shape

Grab Cad 3D Model
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