Rolling Tree is proud to announce the launch of The Descendant, a speedboard built for downhill racing and fast freeride. Designed within our global collective of artists and skateboarders, the deck and graphic were the result of long hours spent developing the perfect blend of form and function in a speedboard. Rolling Tree’s community design process facilitates big ideas and creating designs without limits, making this deck a top performer whether you’re in the next heat of the big race or sliding triple digits.

Rolling Tree Descendant
The decision to pick this speedboard was made with control and board feel in mind. The Descendant has natural pockets of 5/8″ tub concave arising on top of the trucks which wraps around the perimeter of the kicks to lock in your feet, creating large yet subtle foot pockets that extend to functional kicks. This concave blends effortlessly into the flares above the CNC machined wheel wells, providing excellent leverage and feel while providing huge amounts of wheel clearance while keeping it mellow.

Rolling Tree Descendant Speedboard 2
The 38″ long Descendant widens to 9.75″ at pockets and tapers down to 9.5″ in the middle. The truck flush mounts and 0.6″ of rocker keep the ride height low and your feet locked no matter what you’re riding over. With a cozy wheelbase of 25″ and 8 ply rock hard Maple construction, this puppy feels solid while railing corners and winning races with ease.

Congratulations to our @Top Contributors Ben Leser and Liam Creek on creating such a rad deck. Cheers!

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