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Speedboard Evaluations

What Made The Cut

The submissions below received the most hype on our Designing Decks page, and now we want to hear what design you would like to see made!

Submission # 1

38″ long
9.75″ wide at widest, 9.5″ waist
0.6″ rocker
25″-26″ wheelbase
0.5″ thick
5/8″ concave

Grab Cad 3D Model


Submission # 2

36.5″ long
9.75″ wide at widest w/ a 9.5″ waist
26.5″-28.5″ wheelbase options
0.65″ tub cave
0.4375″ of center accelerated rocker

Grab Cad 3D Model


Submission # 3

35″ Length
9.5″ Width
28″-29″ Wheelbase
.666″ Tub Concave
[Concave Not Modeled to Scale] – to be updated

Grab Cad 3D Model


Submission # 4

1″ rocker based on the golden ratio
38″ long
10″ wide
26″-29″ Wheelbase


Submission # 5

36.5″ long
9.75″ wide at widest
24.5″-27.25″ wheelbase options
0.3125″ of forward accelerated flatbottom rocker
5/8″ tub concave + a tail flare in the back to create a cereal bowl

Grab Cad 3D Model

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2 responses to “Speedboard Evaluations”

  1. Matt cannon says:

    The last one was a freeride deck

  2. Jonathan Rivera says:

    i hope everything turns out good!! love from the homie in PR!

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