Slalom Evaluations


Our 2015 directional #slalom design project has entered the evaluation phase! The submissions below received the most hype in our design group, so we modeled them and now we want to hear which design you would like to see made! All of these rad longboard concepts are community designed by skateboarders, for skateboarders.


Submission by Keenan Thompson

34.7″ Length
9.45-9″ Width
.6” radial concave
.25” rocker before the kick
7.25” length & 9 degree Kick.
17-23.5” Wheelbase


Submission by Ryan Starr

35″ Length
9.25-8.9″ Width
.65” elliptical concave
.25” rocker
Progressive W maxing at .125”
10 degree Kick
17-23 Wheelbase


Submission by Sam Melchior

33″ Length
9-9.6″ Width
.45” elliptical concave
.15” rocker
10 degree Kick
18.5-28 Wheelbase


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Check out the evaluation phase in our skateboard design group Rolling Tree & Designing Decks. Rolling Tree collaboratively designs all our skateboards and graphics in our open design communities, utilizing input from artists and skateboarders worldwide.

Rolling Tree skateboards are produced in-house by skaters in Minneapolis who are dedicated to making awesome, high quality Maple decks. We are proud to offer our skateboards in select core skate shops throughout the US, bringing our community designed skateboards and apparel to the masses.

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