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Social media is having a profound impact on life experiences of all kinds. As a board riding devotee, I’ve benefited from this in countless ways. The Internet has set the stage for riders from all over the world to connect in new and interesting ways. I find it astounding how easy it has become to engage with people of similar interests. Through personal involvement, I’ve enriched my connection to the skate community which has led me to an abundance of experiences.

Skate videos are being released on the daily that forever change the way we perceive various disciplines and styles of skateboarding. Watching them can make the “impossible” seem possible. By utilizing access to shared media, we’re able to visualize tricky maneuvers and be informed of tips which lead to huge strides in personal ability. Collaborative growth of the global community opens the door to enormous potential.

How has the Internet changed skating experiences for you?

How could we use it to enrich future experiences?

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  1. I must agree with this whole-heartedly! The profoundness of this small article is great! After spending 3 months backpacking across Europe, I understand this with a much deeper meaning. If it weren’t for the social media connections that I was able to establish I may not have been able to meet and skate with as many riders as I did. And not only was I able to find them on my own, but as word spread among local communities riders from other cities would pass my contact information around and I had people requesting me to come and skate with them in their city!! The openness and strength of bond between the longboarding community made my experiences what it was, and I owe much of it to the forum that is social media.

    Great article Pat!

    1. Hey, Joel! You’re absolutely right, social media is opening us up to a new world of connectivity. Acquiring information and establishing relationships has never been easier. An invaluable tool to any traveler! Sounds like you had an amazing trip though! What countries did you travel through? And what inspired you to embark on this trip? Advice you’d give to future long trek adventurers?

      1. Chris, I traveled through 16 different countries and about 60+ cities. Mainly through western Europe. It wasn’t by nature a “long trek” (Adam Colton style), but rather I took trains and buses to all these cites where I would have the chance to DH and freeride with all the local riders and see what there scene was and what they had to offer (as well as party my pants off with them!!!) The really cool part was to see the styles change as you move from country to country. For example, in rural France there is an amazing DH scene and some hardcore shredders who put me to shame, but still shared some love. While in The Netherlands there was some sick dancing and freestyle riders tearing up the streets. As for advice, search and hit up every group you can find, be it on Facebook, Silverfish, Couchsurfing, anywhere. There is no shortage of riders out there ready to spread the stoke. Also, be ready and willing just to explore and skate around the cities! I found a sick local spot littered with freeriders in Paris all because I was out pushing around the streets and stumbled upon it! Came back the next day and word was spread and the number of riders was double, maximum stoke! Be open, be friendly, and skate hard and I can assure anyone there will be no shortage of riders to skate with around the world!

        1. Joel, reading about your trip has me so stoked right now! It’d be so cool to experience all the different cultures, and skate styles you immersed yourself into. How long did you travel for? You listed some great platforms. I would strongly encourage you to hop on Twitter if you haven’t already. With it I have created some of the most fruitful experiences of my life. We’re planning on using Couchsurfing during the first couple weeks when Rolling Tree moves out to San Francisco. Very excited to meet new people through it. “Be open, be friendly, and skate hard” a phrase to live by! Love it. Have you put any thought into another adventure?

  2. I love the fact that people post videos of them rideing! Even with out street names you u can get general locations from land marks and stuff on my trip to peru last month I found some amazing locals and local mountains to bomb through youtube it was amazing.

    1. Trey,
      Peru and the Andes would be incredible to skate! I agree that videos are a great way to scope hills. They can teach us not only about geography, but also of road conditions like cracks, bumps, stop signs, and traffic. From your experiences, is there any advice you would give to a first time traveler?

      1. Dont be afraid just jump into the culture for emirsion is the best learning tool you can use. Eat what they eat live how they live. And if you know alittle of the foreign language use it dont be afraid of looking dum they will teach you ALOT. just dive in and have fun.

  3. I totally agree with this! Social media plays very important role, it helps us connect to riders in the whole world. Acquiring information and establishing relationships become easier.

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