Beta Mode

We had an awesome group for our beta project. This was our first go at our community design process. We collaborated in a Facebook group, where we could easily share ideas and designs and give each other feedback. We also used Google Hangouts, where we could actually work face-to-face. The vibes were chill and the environment was constructive and supportive. It was a huge privilege for us to work with this gang. You guys have brought ridiculous value to Rolling Tree!

The Projects

1. A shirt graphic, themed as the beginning of Rolling Tree
2. A topmount speedboard

The final speedboard design was entered into our first public projects (launched July 2013) and represented by the beta group. The shirt was made available to beta participants and their homies.

Some Art Submissions

Final Shirt Design


Submitted by Devani Janssen. “Since the beta was our very first go at collaborative design, it was like the seed to our community. The hands represent all the beta participants that helped bring our process to life. You guys rock.”

Some Deck Submissions

Final Speedboard Design

Skate Submission # 1 - El Lobo

This double kick speedboard, submitted by Ben Leser, went through more critiques and re-designs than any other board in the beta. Ben also 3D-rendered three variations of the deck and got some feedback.

“The Lobo—Spanish for ‘wolf’—is exactly what the name implies: a fearsome animal; with it you can attack those gnarly hills with agility at high speed, over and over and over. This 38”-long, 9.75”-wide symmetrical speedboard is built for freeride, but with 0.6” of center-accelerated rocker that curves up into kicktails, and a tapered waist to provide torsional flex, you’ll be locked in tight and the wheels will stay on the ground when you take it down the fastest runs out there. The 5/8” radial concave transitions into 5/8” tub cave as it approaches the mounting holes, and the tub cave continues up on the sides of the kicktails, creating a cereal bowl ‘cave that’ll keep you locked in for slides, especially stand-up slides; you’ll be throwing standies for days! The Lobo has wheelbase options ranging from 25” to 26”, each of which are flush-mounted to lower the ride height even further and to keep the truck baseplates at their natural angles. On the Lobo, you can shred any hill, of any size, at any speed.”
—Ben Leser (the designer)


People submitted ideas in all shapes and forms for the board design. Ben was a huge help by turning drawings and descriptions into 3D models of decks. Jacob and Lewiz were all about producing decks that are different and bringing new experiences to skating. We’re stoked on this mentality. It was interesting getting all the different input on board tech. Mad skate stories were exchanged. Jonathon, Eubie, and Jason provided some awesome value by giving us feedback on our brand itself. And Thomas had some great ideas for Google Hangouts, like scheduling them on specific topics within board teck, 3D modeling, or graphics. We love this idea.

Google Hangouts are Awesome

It was huge to get on Hangouts to talk feedback on designs, how we can improve, and get to know each other. Thomas Maxwell’s idea for turning them into a time to learn programs from each other and improve designs was clutch. Throughout the beta we had people hitting up the community for Hangouts. That’s what’s up.

Thank you

Jacob Kristin. Ben Leser. Ivan Smith. Thomas Maxwell. Zach Bennett. Lewiz Barker. Eubie Pabilona. Jacob Hammett. Joey Happanen. Cam Deegan. Weston Hunn. Jeff Tatum. Devin Gillespie. Jonathan Hasson. Kyle Famiglietti. Landon Nothnagel. Matt Young. Kyle Wirgler. Jason Spaniol. Selena Xena. Colin Rogers. Joel Hill. Matt Brihn. Zaki de Kruz. Kory Kirby. Andy Bihn. Jack Salz. Kyle Mac. Chibu Okere. Drew Lewis. Oten Zelene. Pat Johnson. Alex Colorito. Philip Sacks. Leo Entrampas.

You guys killed it. Cheers to you and a huge THANKS for helping execute our first design projects. Hanging and designing together was rad. Having a great group of people made the beta an even bigger success. We learned tons about our own ideas and processes from you guys, and we’re stoked to do more! Let’s go.