Yo Peoples!

Rolling Tree is stoked to announce the start of our summer gear project!
The days of having big companies dictate your fashion are coming to an end.
Tell us what designs YOU would be stoked on wearing once summer is here.
Let’s create something great, together.

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The Project

Summer is right around the corner, and there’s no better time to whip out the sketchbooks and start designing the apparel that you have always wanted to wear. Rolling Tree is a skateboarding & art brand built on the idea that natural expression should be at the heart of design and fashion. So instead of going to the store and buying what they tell you to wear, lets make something that you can actually put your heart behind and be proud to wear!

In our Making Art group we are currently taking open submissions for any designs related to one or more of our four themes below. Submitted designs will be critiqued and built upon by the community, and on June 17th we will stop taking submissions and then all vote to see which ones you all want to see come to life!


The goal is four really rad graphics for two new tanks, and a new t-shirt that each follow at least one of our themes. Any theme can be used for each of the THREE art projects. Our themes are:

Skateboarding & Movement
State of Flow
Environment & Nature
Energy & Patterns

Let’s use the group wall to share ideas and designs that help us reach this goal. Let’s avoid using the wall to share personal work unrelated to Rolling Tree’s community design projects.

Let’s also continue to use this group to make the community better. How can we improve the community design process for you?


Top Contributors in these community design projects will get hooked up with things like skateboards, printed art, T-shirts, and other swag from The Rolling Tree Skateshop.

Project Resources

How to Become a Top Contributor
Give Your Feedback

These are the guidelines we use for collaborating in our Facebook Group.

Submissions So Far

Here are some updates on some cool submissions we’ve received so far!

What Made The Cut

After many rad designs were submitted and critiqued, we finally came to a decision on what Art you all wanted to see come out of this project! Designs include : “Fluttery Hearts” By Parul Bajaj , “Summer Time!” by Regio Pratama, and “Rolling Tree Is Not A Crime” by Gary Wong

Rolling Tree – What will we create next?

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