Calling all Artists!

We’re taking community feedback during our scheme phase and developed graphics themes three new  design projects: two new skateboards and a t shirt.

We’re asking for you to start submitting ideas to develop into final concepts for these design projects. We’re all sharing ideas and experiences together. We want to see your original art! Join us!

We’ll continue submitting ideas and designs to create graphics for Rolling Tree’s two new skate decks and t shirt. As we continue giving feedback and developing concepts closer to life, let’s keep the stoke level high.


We will be having weekly prize drawings throughout the Design Phase for anyone showing participation in the group! Well announce the giveaways each week.


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Still have questions? Check out our FAQs. We really want to just help people learn How to Become a Top Contributor so we can design and build within our community. Have an idea on how we can make this process work better? Give Us Your Feedback.