Fellow Shredders:

Our community of rippers have designed a speedboard, and we’re calling it the Descendant! Here at Rolling Tree anybody can submit and critique ideas and designs, and then we all hash our thoughts together. To participate in our open design projects, join our Facebook group.

The Project

Flying down a hill, surfing through hairpins, feeling and hearing the grip under your feet, while being fueled by an inevitable adrenaline rush that pushes you to go just a little bit faster—this is speedboarding at its best. There’s no wonder why it’s the fastest growing style of skating today, inheriting crazy variations of innovation in board design. We used this push of progression to bring something completely rad to the downhill skating experience. We’ll post highlights and updates here and in our Facebook group.

The Finalists

The Descendant

The speedboard we picked was made with control in mind. With natural pockets arising on top of the trucks to lock your feet in, this board seemed to catch the eyes of many and for good reason. Its 38″ long, with a width of 9.75″ that tapers down to 9.5″ in the middle. With 5/8″ concave and 0.6″ of rocker, this board will keep your feet locked no matter what you through at it. With a cozy wheelbase of 24″-25″, this puppy feels real nice railing corners with ease.

Grab Cad 3D Model


The Design Purpose

Let’s create a board that promotes leverage by design, and helps keep your feet in place when you hit that rock railing a corner going 45 mph+ before pulling a huge predrift into a hairpin.


Contributors to this community design project will get hooked up with things like skate decks, shirts and other swag.


How to Become a Top Contributor
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These are the guidelines we use for collabing in our Facebook Group.

The Scheme Phase

This project exploded in the scheme phase. Lots of us are about going fast and there have been awesome perspectives exchanged. Overall, many of us are digging versatile mounting options, dat locked feeling, and incorporating a kick or two. The early community has shown an insane amount of speedboard knowledge to pool together and make things happen. It’s going down.

The Design Phase

There have been some awesome shapes thrown down. Here are some top submissions.

The Finalists

Have been posted to the top of this page.

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(above photo by Alysha Frizzell)