Fellow Shredders:

Our community of rippers have designed a deck! Here at Rolling Tree anybody can submit and critique ideas and designs, and then we all hash our thoughts together. To participate in our open design projects, join our Facebook group. (above photo by Matt Singsank)

The Project

Limitless is the idea. Something you can rip down a hill, blunt stall at the pool, and feeble on that banked rail in the parking lot. A shredeverything board. Skaters of all different backgrounds are bringing their styles to different landscapes. Progression is happening fast and skaters are more and more bridging the gap between shortboards and longboards. This merging of styles gets us so stoked to create a universal board together. We’ll post highlights and updates here and in our Facebook group.

The Finalists

The Nimbus

The shredeverything board we chose is one that you can comfortably rest your feet in the middle of when hauling down your neighborhood runs, but pocket your feet in while busting out 360 slides to 360 shuv-its out. This is a board that can really do it all.

36″ long
9.5″ wide at widest
18″ Wheelbase
5.5″ kicks (15*)
1/8″ microdropped pockets at the kicktails
1/16″ of camber between the pockets
5/9″ tub cave
symmetrical mold, directional shape

Grab Cad 3D Model


The Design Purpose

We want to be able to take this deck anywhere. Let’s add something dope and versatile to the co-evolution of street and downhill freeride.


Contributors to this community design project will get hooked up with things like skate decks, shirts and other swag.


How to Become a Top Contributor
Give Your Feedback

These are the guidelines we use for collabing in our Facebook Group.

The Scheme Phase

The community got off to a ridiculously awesome start. We’re so hyped and thankful for everyone’s participation and stoke so far! During our scheme phase we realized that our community has mad different kinds of skating styles. This is huge for developing our ideas together on a board that is sick for skating everything.

The Design Phase

Off to a solid start! Here are some top submissions so far.

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