Yo Creatives!

We’re designing two Tshirts. Anybody can submit and critique ideas and designs, and then we all hash our thoughts together. To participate in our open art projects, join our Facebook group. (above art made by Jaime Molina)

The Projects

1. A graphic for a shirt.
2. A graphic for another shirt.

These will be the first in our community-designed clothing line. Let’s start it off with something original and fresh. Rolling Tree is built on good vibes, community, & collaboration.


Contributors in these community design projects will get hooked up with things like skate decks, printed art, shirts, and other swag.


How to Become a Top Contributor
Give Your Feedback

These are the guidelines we use for collabing in our Facebook Group.


The community has thrown around tons of odd, random and awesome ideas for graphic themes. Here are the ones we’re going with. Any design submitted for these projects must follow at least one of these.

Animals & monsters
Space & time
Dreaming & Thinking


Some Neat Submissions Already

Project Finalists

The community submitted their designs, and the community choose these two rad creations from Tom Birdpoop and Nicole Errico to send to the print shop. The T-shirts ended up looking sick, and are available for purchase right now!