Fellow Shredders:

We’re calling on all skaters to come collaborate with us and design the raddest top mount skateboard to hit the streets. Let’s take our collective knowledge about top mounts and design without limits! Here at Rolling Tree anybody can submit and critique ideas and designs, and then we all hash our thoughts together. To participate in our open design projects, join our Facebook design group:

The Design Purpose

Sending it down at the spot, drifting thru corners, feeling the edge of grip and slip under your feet — this is downhill skateboarding at its finest. There’s no debate that there has been a lot of innovation in asymmetrical board design. We’ll use this push of progression to collaboratively create something completely rad for the downhill skating experience. We’ll post highlights and updates here and in our Facebook design group.

The Project

Let’s create a directional top mount board that uses extreme ideas in mellow way, forming the perfect combination of form and function that will make any skater drool. The board should be strong, versatile, and well sorted.


Contributors to this community design project will get hooked up with things like shirts, printed art, skate decks, stickers and other swag.


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Still have questions? Check out our Design Project FAQs. We really want to just help people learn How to Become a Top Contributor so we can collaborate effectively. Have an idea on how we can make this process work better? Give Us Your Feedback.

These are the guidelines we use for collaborating in our design projects.

The Scheme Phase

This project’s scheme phase begins January 9th. Lots of us are about going fast and there have been awesome perspectives exchanged. It’s going down.

You stoked yet?

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Evaluation Phase

Here’s a list of all the submissions we received during our community’s Design Phase –