Calling all Creatives!

We’re designing graphics for our two new 2015 skate decks! Design phase begins January 13th. Anybody can submit and critique ideas and designs, and then we all hash our thoughts together. To participate in our open art projects, join our Facebook design group:

The Projects

1. An art graphic for a directional top mount, a solid downhill deck that’s great for staying cool while going fast. Let’s make something rad that combines awesome art to make another rad deck. Get it!

2. An art graphic for a slalom board. We’re a bunch of designers who are brought together by shared passions to create a board entirely from scratch. And when collaborating, we have insane potential. Woo!

3. An art graphic for a T-Shirt. There are always so many awesome designs in our community design projects that we want to get out on the street! We’re stoked!


Contributors in these community design projects will get hooked up with things like skate decks, printed art, shirts, and other swag from The Rolling Tree Skateshop


The community has thrown around tons of odd, random and awesome ideas for graphic themes. Here are the ones we’re going with. Any design submitted for these projects must follow at least one of these.

Nature & Fractals
Surrealism & Abstract


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Still have questions? Check out our FAQs. We really want to just help people learn How to Become a Top Contributor so we can design and build within our community. Have an idea on how we can make this process work better? Give Us Your Feedback.

These are the guidelines we use for collabing in our design projects.

Submission Guidelines

– All artwork must be original designs that follow the art themes
– Artwork must be submitted through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram
– Designs should be easy to incorporate into a skateboard graphic

You stoked yet?

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Evaluation Phase

Here are the ideas we’ve come up with through the design phase –