Rolling Tree Skateboards is stoked to announce the launch of The Paragon, our newest community-designed skateboard! Created by our global collective of artists and skaters, the Paragon is the culmination of our desires to develop a compact, micro-dropped directional topmount deck. After months of rider testing and design modifications, the final product has become something to marvel. We’re stoked on our latest gem.



The Paragon features an asymmetrical 36” shape with tub convace. The mellow micro-drops allow full utilization of the foot platform, all the way to the functional kicktail. The Paragon’s 24” wheelbase is the perfect combination of stability and maneuverability, and the extended flushmounts allow riders to dial in a versatile setup. The 9.8” width tapers towards the kick making it easier to find your edges and apply leverage.

The innovative tub concave features spherical orbs arising from the foot pockets to promote leverage and stability for railing or drifting corners. Unlike traditional W cave, the spherical orbs increase traction while maintaining a mellow feel to reduce foot cramping.


Original graphics drawn by Alvaro Wain of Madrid, Spain compliment the classic shape created by Derek Patton in Glendora, CA.

The Paragon is $129.99 and Rolling Tree Skateboard’s third offering to the downhill skateboarding community.  Support a rider-focused company.

What will we create next?

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