We’re looking for several more skating or art enthusiasts to help manage and grow our Rolling Tree Community Design Projects.

The design projects
—2 skate decks
—2 skate deck graphics
—2 shirt graphics

The projects are hosted in our two Facebook groups.
Rolling Tree & Designing Decks.
Rolling Tree & Making art.

Duties of community managers
—Monitor activity in our Facebook groups
—Support our Facebook page by liking and sharing our posts
—Answer questions from community members on Twitter
—Engage in conversation about deck and graphic design on Instagram
—Provide constructive feedback to design submissions and other content from the community
—Recruit community members
—Collaborate with tons of other skate & art enthusiasts

Rolling Tree is located in Minnesota, but you can work from wherever. All you need is Internet access and a Facebook account. This is an unpaid position for now until we see major growth.

If interested, please hit us up at hey@rollingtree.net! We’re stoked to hear from you.

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  1. Hey you contacted me on instagram and I think this is an amazing idea. If you guys start selling decks etc. I would love to help represent/inform in Puerto Rico. This island has alot of talented longboarders. We have a passion for the sport. Thanks for informing!

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