By participating in Rolling Tree’s community design projects, you can get hooked up with things like shout outs, decks, printed art, shirts, stickers, gear & protos.

Snag top contributor status if you kill it &

—bring good ideas & execution to projects
—help new community members get started
—share insightful feedback, stories & conversation
—collaborate with others & build ideas
—hustle hard & bring value to the community in any way you can
—supply good vibes

if you spread the stoke &
—rep the community on Instagram and Twitter
—share Rolling Tree on your social profiles
—add people who are stoked on the projects to the Facebook Art and Decks groups

—help Rolling Tree collab with other crews, shops, & other cool people

Rolling Tree was built completely around our community. As we grow, so will the rewards from The Rolling Tree Skateshop

Check out our design pages here:
Rolling Tree & Designing Decks
Rolling Tree & Making Art

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  1. Hi I’m brayden kells I’m 11 years old I talked Thomas a little bit on Instagram and he said I should join the group. I don’t really know what this is all about but would love to find more about your company and boards,

    Thanks brayden.

  2. Hi, i think one of your people send me in intalgram to be part to your group i dont know exacly she says becuase im not american , im come from peru . I want learn more about this but i know now how

  3. Hey ! 🙂 i’m an 16 year old spanish rider , i got an coment on instagram and im keen on participating in this group , i want to learn more about it and hope we can collaborate soon 🙂
    Greetings from spain 😉

    1. Maceo, yo tambien soy un rider de España, de 16 años tambien, tambien me dejaron un comentario en Instagram, de donde eres?

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  4. Hey man, I just got your invite on Instagram and would love to become part of the community, but I don’t have a face book so I can’t join the group hope it still works out!

    1. Hey dude! Feel free to post designs through Instagram and we’ll throw them up on the Facebook group for the community. We’ll be posting top designs as we go all so we’d love to hear your input on those as well. Thanks for hitting us up!

  5. Love the community theme . Would love to talk about becoming a contributor / share holder. Everyday longboarder out of Ontario that would kill to spread your stoke. Ohthatdodson on instagram! Ciao 4 now

  6. Hey I talked to one of of Rolling Trees representatives, Thomas O’Brien, on Instagram. I’m in on joining the community and collaborate with Rolling Tree. I’m just wondering if I could have a bit of a more detailed description of what I’d be doing if that’s not a problem. I was also wondering what I should do for Rolling Tree if I join the community! I have broken wrists right now so I’m out of longboarding for the time being, but love to skate and would be happy to skate for you!

  7. Hey Thomas, you left me a comment on Instagram, telling me todo join you on facebook, I can’t find thr group of rolling tree, my facebook name is Ignacio Goya, if you wanna me to join you

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