BIG things are happening…

We’re stoked to announce the long awaited opening of the

Rolling Tree Shop

T-Shirts from our last projects are available now, and the first ones out will be heading straight to our top-contributors! For the rest, purchases can be made by ordering the shirts via The Rolling Tree Shop

Rolling Tree Skateboard Decks, you ask? These puppies are undergoing some final touches and will be available this April! We also have a big surprise up our sleeve – so get stoked!

Upcoming Projects

Speaking of final touches, now that we have both decks’ specs and graphics picked, we need your help to finish them off! What kind of stain would you like to see? Should we offer more than one wheelbase? Let us know your opinion by shooting us a message or hitting us up in our Rolling Tree & Designing Decks group!


Everybody knows that no brand is complete without their own stickers, so we decided that its about time we design a sticker pack! Have some ideas lurking around in your head? Show us what you think would look rad, help build on others’ ideas, and design some rad stickers. As always, top contributors will get hooked-up!

More info will be posted soon on our Community Projects page and in the Rolling Tree & Making Art group. Our stickerpack project Scheme Phase begins March 27th, 2014.


Stay Stoked!

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