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Design Project FAQs

What is Rolling Tree?
Rolling Tree is a skateboarding & art company. All of our products are collaboratively designed within our open, global community.

What do you guys produce?
Skate decks, art, and clothing. We’re producing two new skate decks starting October 26th, 2018! A directional top mount and another board we’re going to figure out later.

What is collaborative design?
Anybody can submit ideas and designs for our products, as well as provide feedback and make improvements to ideas and designs from others. Everything is designed by the community and then made by skaters.

How can I participate?
The Rolling Tree Design Projects take place in our two Facebook design groups, where you can share ideas, submit designs, give feedback, support your favorites, and provide suggestions for the community. Join us here:

Rolling Tree & Designing Decks
Rolling Tree & Making Art

What do the designers get?
Top Contributors will get hooked up with clothing, printed art, protos, stickers, and other stuff from The Rolling Tree Skateshop

What’s a Top contributor?
Here’s a blog post that explains how to get ‘top contributor’ status.

I’ve never made a 3D model of a board.
No worries. If you have an idea for a board, we’ve got 3D modelers in the community, so halfbaked ideas, sketches and designs always have the potential to get rendered. Just be sure to post your design with a drawing and include all the specs. A detailed description helps a ton! Better yet, let’s have a Google Hangout and throw ideas back and forth.

I don’t know how to make computer graphics.
Dat’s cool. We’re a community of all kinds of artists and we’re all about collaboration. Share your sketches and ideas with us!

I don’t have Facebook. Can I still be a part of this?
Connect with us on Twitter and Instagram for updates, highlights, vibes, and news. We’ll also post content from the community projects on our Projects Page.

How will your skateboards be produced?
We build all our decks in-house and produce them with really nice maple and eco-friendly adhesives. Our CNC router precisely shapes all our decks, bringing the community designs to life. Check out The Rolling Tree Skateshop

Do you sponsor skaters?
Yes. Send us an edit to if you’re interested in sponsorship.

Where are you located?
Just outside of downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. We’re constantly traveling though! If you’ve been to our shop – you’re one of the few.

Please throw us ANY other questions you have!

Mark Lawson @flowrider612

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14 responses to “Design Project FAQs”

  1. Andrew says:

    Really looking forward to seeing this process. Glad to know some of these ideas floating through my head may be appreciated somewhere.

  2. Josh Surette says:

    I’m a weird cat and love art but feel like nobody appreciates it as much as I do, I’m a lot about art and skating to, I follow rolling tree on twitter and Instagram and love what your all about, and collaborations with you guys would be amazing.

    • Devani Janssen says:

      I hear you, I can get lost in art for days! We’d love to collab with you for sure. We’re going to start some community design projects for skate decks and graphics this summer. You’re input and energy would be awesome!

  3. Josh Surette says:

    I’m stoked to hear that, I can’t wait and thanks

  4. Marc Lindley says:

    This message is for Chris Jack. I’m trying to contact him. He called our company, Alliance Packaging, about boxes but the phone number he left on the voice mail rings thru like a fax. Please have him call me at 206-295-7381 or email at the address above.

  5. trey stover says:

    Im stoked to see how this is gonna work. I love the idea of everybody working together.

    • Devani Janssen says:

      Wuu!! Stoked over the idea of collaborating with attitudes like yours. Do you skate or make art yourself?

  6. trey stover says:

    Yes im a board builder im still a novice but stoked on building.

  7. izzy says:

    So. Are you guys going to go to any east coast events so I van meet y’all personally?

    • Devani Janssen says:

      No set plans for this year, but definitely the next. We’re pumped to meet everybody as well!

  8. Jen says:

    I follow Rollingtree on Instagram and I love what you’ve posted on that. It’s so awsome

  9. Sondra says:

    And you may be enjoying your game with highest fun long lasting amount degree of the crowd you’re in.

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