The Carbon GS

Rolling Tree Skateboards is stoked to announce the launch of The Carbon GS, our newest community designed skateboard! Created by our global collective of skaterboarders, the Carbon GS is the culmination of our desires to develop a new take on Giant Slalom decks or “Maryhill Killers”. After months of design modifications from input from our […]

The Paragon

Rolling Tree Skateboards is stoked to announce the launch of The Paragon, our newest community-designed skateboard! Created by our global collective of artists and skaters, the Paragon is the culmination of our desires to develop a compact, micro-dropped directional topmount deck. After months of rider testing and design modifications, the final product has become something to […]

The Stickerpack

Rolling Tree is stoked to showcase the results of our Stickerpack Project. Congratulations to our Top Contributors Parul Bajaj, Emery Gillespie, Flora MC, and Adam Favela for coming up with these rad original designs. Get your stickerpack at The Rolling Tree Shop We’re stoked to be able to keep hooking up our project Contributors! Everyone […]

Homebase Updates

BIG things are happening… We’re stoked to announce the long awaited opening of the Rolling Tree Shop T-Shirts from our last projects are available now, and the first ones out will be heading straight to our top-contributors! For the rest, purchases can be made by ordering the shirts via The Rolling Tree Shop Rolling Tree […]

Down to curate?

We’re looking for several more skating or art enthusiasts to help manage and grow our Rolling Tree Community Design Projects. The design projects —2 skate decks —2 skate deck graphics —2 shirt graphics The projects are hosted in our two Facebook groups. Rolling Tree & Designing Decks. Rolling Tree & Making art. Duties of community […]

How to Become a Top Contributor

By participating in Rolling Tree’s community design projects, you can get hooked up with things like shout outs, decks, printed art, shirts, stickers, gear & protos. Snag top contributor status if you kill it & —bring good ideas & execution to projects —help new community members get started —share insightful feedback, stories & conversation —collaborate with […]

What We’re About

Community designed everything. Rolling Tree is where skaters & artists create things together. We make skateboards, art, clothing, video, and other stuff we think is interesting. Everything is created within and designed by our open, global community. Anybody can participate in our design projects by sharing ideas, designs, feedback and good vibes. Here’s how our […]

Collaboration > Competition

As an avid downhill skateboarder and admin on the Facebook group Minnesota Longboarding, I find myself scrolling through pages of comments and questions left by users. Topics include everything from how to make hills more neighbor-friendly, to new truck or deck designs. With the growing availability of technology such as graphing software, it seems that […]