We started a beta test to have a practice-run at our community design process and collaborate with early community members. It’s been a really rad group of people so far!

The Goals
—Design a topmount speedboard that will be entered into our first official Rolling Tree Design Projects
—Design and produce a beta shirt that will be made available to participants
—Collaborate, learn and meet new peeps

What has happened so far
—We had a blast getting to know our early community and the group is off to an awesome start.
—Google Hangouts have been a great way to discuss how the design process is working and talk through other ideas and questions.
—We built design criteria for our speedboard and shirt graphic by sharing ideas and experiences in our Facebook beta group.

What’s happening now
—We’re collaboratively designing a speedboard and a graphic for our beta shirt.
—We’ll have final evaluations to talk about the experience so far and share ideas to improve our community design process.

How things are going (ends on 6-16-13)
Some really cool designs are coming out of this. Check em out.

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