Topmount Evaluations

#evaluate Our 2015 directional #topmount design project has entered the evaluation phase! The submissions below received the most hype in our design group, so we modeled them and now we want to hear which design you would like to see made! All of these rad longboard concepts are community designed by skateboarders, for skateboarders.   […]

Homebase Updates

BIG things are happening… We’re stoked to announce the long awaited opening of the Rolling Tree Shop T-Shirts from our last projects are available now, and the first ones out will be heading straight to our top-contributors! For the rest, purchases can be made by ordering the shirts via The Rolling Tree Shop Rolling Tree […]

Shred-Everything Evaluations

What Made The Cut The submissions below received the most hype on our Rolling Tree & Designing Decks page, and now we want to hear what design you would like to see made!   Submission # 1 38″ long 9.5″ at the widest 18.5″-20.5″ wheelbase options 5.5″, 19* kicktail, 5″, 20* nosekick 0.5″ tub cave […]

Design Project FAQs

What is Rolling Tree? Rolling Tree is a skateboarding & art company. All of our products are collaboratively designed within our open, global community. What do you guys produce? Skate decks, art, and clothing. We’re producing two new skate decks starting October 26th, 2018! A directional top mount and another board we’re going to figure […]

How to Become a Top Contributor

By participating in Rolling Tree’s community design projects, you can get hooked up with things like shout outs, decks, printed art, shirts, stickers, gear & protos. Snag top contributor status if you kill it & —bring good ideas & execution to projects —help new community members get started —share insightful feedback, stories & conversation —collaborate with […]

What We’re About

Community designed everything. Rolling Tree is where skaters & artists create things together. We make skateboards, art, clothing, video, and other stuff we think is interesting. Everything is created within and designed by our open, global community. Anybody can participate in our design projects by sharing ideas, designs, feedback and good vibes. Here’s how our […]

Collaboration > Competition

As an avid downhill skateboarder and admin on the Facebook group Minnesota Longboarding, I find myself scrolling through pages of comments and questions left by users. Topics include everything from how to make hills more neighbor-friendly, to new truck or deck designs. With the growing availability of technology such as graphing software, it seems that […]