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What We’re About

Community designed everything.

Rolling Tree is where skaters & artists create things together. We make skateboards, art, clothing, video, and other stuff we think is interesting. Everything is created within and designed by our open, global community. Anybody can participate in our design projects by sharing ideas, designs, feedback and good vibes.

Here’s how our design process works.

—talk ideas, stories, & opinions
—set a direction for the design phase

—submit concepts
—use feedback from the community to improve them
—show love for your favorite concepts

—which concepts have the most potential?
—which should be produced?

—final concepts get produced by Rolling Tree
—top contributors get hooked up

Idea sharing, design submitting, feedback giving and overall collaboration happens in our two facebook groups. Join us!
Rolling Tree & Designing Decks
Rolling Tree & Making Art

Follow Rolling Tree on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!

Please read our Terms of Use here:

Mark Lawson @flowrider612

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14 responses to “What We’re About”

  1. Ron Strohm says:

    Hi Thomas,

    Great to meet you, way cool website!
    Thanks for the follow on Twitter!

    I would appreciate you checking out my site
    & Skate boards folder: Lots of cool designs to choose from on the boards & other products, hope we can do some business!


    • Thomas O'Brien says:

      Hey Ron. Thanks so much for the love! This website and project was a huge team effort. Checked out your site. Cool stuff. If you’re interested in designing with our community, you should hit up our projects. Cheers!

  2. Tyler says:

    Are sponsorships going to be available when you start creating boards

    • Thomas O'Brien says:

      Yo. For now, we’re hooking up top contributors in our projects but more opportunities will be available in the future! Thanks for reaching out and I hope we stay in touch!

  3. Alex Kehaya says:

    Hey guys,

    I read an article about how you got Rollingtree off the ground

    I teach entrepreneurship and lean startup methods to high school and middle school students. I’m working to create a community of educators and entrepreneurs that are committed to building entrepreneurship programs at the high school and middle school level. I’d love to learn more about how you’ve built your community and see if I can use some of your strategies.

    What are your thoughts on setting up a time to talk?



  4. Michael Woodruff says:

    I’ve got a design for a symmetrical downhill deck i want to make but i need to save up a bit for a press. I can send you the design with all the dimensions. hit me up

  5. Donick Myburgh says:

    Hey guys longboarding guy from South Africa and I wanted to know how to get sponsored from your company please let me know via email .

    • Jobeth says:

      Ryan,Was their actual reason that you advertise too much? or did they even bother to give an ex?nanatiolpI don’t understand how they can demand a location on a blog. Claiming that a low placement could be a reason for deleting an account. Seems kinda like shooting yourself in the foot.-D

    • http://www./ says:

      This is probably the first blog on the worldwide web to “cover” this pageant from 21 years ago hahaha. The contestants were very “ng dim”, either look ugly or short or both, or look like prostitutes! I bet Lily Chung could have won even with a “just woke up in the morning w/o makeup” condition!

  6. Jen says:

    Amazing website. You are actually a webmaster and the contents are very useful.

  7. […] M. (2013). What We’re About. [online] Rolling Tree – Skateboards & Art. Available at: [Accessed 10 Oct. […]

  8. Laura H. says:

    That’s so cool ! I am working on some skateboard designs on my Zazzle store here. The store is still under development.

    I think I’m a little too late for the party eh ?

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